Top 7 Indian Restaurants Serving Best Curry in the USA

Top 7 Indian Restaurants Serving Best Curry in the USA

Are you an Indian food lover living in the USA? As Indian food enthusiasts, we are always looking for the original taste of Curry in the USA. But finding delicious Indian curry like our motherland isn’t easy. Don’t worry! We have completed a two months survey to find the best curry in the USA and found 7 best Indian restaurants for Curry.

How we have done our research to find the Best Indian Restaurants Serving Best Curry in the USA:

As food lovers, we always love to taste new food every day in the USA. But in our journey, we have seen how Indian people get disappointed after having curry from different Indian restaurants in the USA. The main reason behind this situation is, most of the Chefs aren’t well trained and they don’t prefer to use all the major ingredients for Curry considering the demand of curry in local American. For example, local American prefer less turmeric, chili powder & garam masala. But these are considered as main ingredients to make curry tasty. Therefore, from our analysis we have found some challenges that Indian Restaurants face while preparing curry dishes.

However, there are some Indian Restaurants in the USA, preparing curry dishes considering local Indian.

So, let’s discuss those Top 10 Indian Restaurants Serving Best Curry in the USA that we have found in our research.

Top 7 Indian Restaurants Serving Best Curry in the USA


Located in Tennessee USA, curry bowl Indian cuisine is a restaurant suiting your spicy food loving palate. They offer a wide range of Indian Cuisines from their motherland but what we are discussing here, as per the headline, are curries. They have both vegetarian & non vegetarian dishes, so be assured, whichever type you may desire will be on the menu. However, we can suggest you the following curries :

Chicken Curry$16.99
Egg Curry$16.99
Chicken Shahi Kurma$16.99
Murgh Hyderabadi (With Bones)$16.99
Navabi Chicken$16.99

Don’t worry if you want to taste some other Indian dishes with curry. Because curry bowl Indian cuisine also have biryanis, dosa, sea food, dessert, pani puri and so on.

2. Brick Lane Curry House :

If you are a resident of New York, Brick Lane Curry House is your home away from home. Their Chef is well trained Indian men, so whichever dish you decide for will delight you. From delicious curry to tandoori, they have all the traditional Indian cuisines to fulfill your food cravings. So, you may find all your desired Indian dishes at Brick Lane Curry House.

However, if you are a curry lover, please try the following curries :

Tikka Masala Curry$22.00
Saag Curry$22.00
Vindaloo Curry$22.00
Moilee Curry$22.00
Madras Curry$22.00

3. Masala Curry Indian Cuisine :

When it comes to Indian Curry, the top two factors that come first are the freshest of ingredients and locally sourced hand-ground spices. And Masala Curry Indian Cuisine is just ensuring these two factors for their customers. Located in California, they are fulfilling local Indian demand by serving the best Curry in the USA.

You may try some of the listed curry below :

Masala Egg Curry$13.99
Tofu Curry$13.99
Goat Curry$19.99
Shrimp Curry$18.99
Fish Curry$18.99

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4. The Curry Leaves

If you are looking for a cuisine that is wonderfully covered with Indian palate, The Curry Leaves is the best. Their chef is the actual magician in the kitchen, starting from saucing fresh ingredients to preparing curry dishes that wow the mouth. They offer verities of food items but curries hold a gastronomical meaning within their customers.

Egg Curry$13.99
Chicken Curry$14.99
Goat Curry$17.99
Paneer Curry$100
Sea Food Curry$140

5. The Curry Club :

The Indian residents of Missouri are graced by the presence of The Curry Club for serving the pure taste of Curry as like their motherland. Here all you favorite Indian curries are included in the menu. From chicken curry to veg curry, they have various curry dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Chicken Curry Full$15.99
Dal Curry Full$9.99
Veg Curry Full$13.49

6. Orange Curry :

If you are a resident of California, Orange Curry is a must-go Indian Restaurant in the USA. They have the best Chef in the town to serve you fresh mouthwatering Indian Curry dishes. Apart from this, their friendly customer service will encourage you to visit further with your friends and family.

Chicken Curry$12.99
Goat Curry$12.99
Veggie Korma$17.99

7. Curry House :

Located in Virginia, Curry House is a local favorite Indian restaurant and takeaway. From fried momo to tandoori chicken and from chicken curry to veg, they have all the Indian cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. Their customer service, chefs and of course management all are contributing to its success which in turns keeps the customer coming back.

Chicken Curry$17.00
Lamb Curry$20.00
Shrimp Curry$21.00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A. What makes an Indian restaurant stand out for curry dishes?

There are lots of factors that are considered behind the success of Indian Restaurants. But the most important factor for why many Indian Restaurants are standing out for Curry Dishes are fresh ingredients, professional chefs and superior customer service.

  • B. How can I choose the best Indian restaurant for curry?

I think after reading this article, you will find the best 7 Indian restaurants for curry in the USA. For more self research, you can ask opinion or ask for food reviews from your friends and family who have visited these restaurants.

  • C. Are these restaurants suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. You will find veg dishes from these above 7 restaurants.

  • D. Can I find gluten-free options for curry at these restaurants?

Yes. If you give the proper instruction while placing your order, they will prepare your food as per your request.

Conclusion :

American Indian Restaurants are booming since the popularity of Indian Cuisine among the local people. But if restaurants failed to maintain the quality of food, the curry industry in the USA will suffer a lot.

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