Maddie Gold Travel Vlogger's Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth

Maddie Gold Travel Vlogger’s Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth

Maddie Gold is an American vlogger, YouTuber, and internet personality. She uploads videos about her lifestyle, fitness journey, travel, fashion, and food on her YouTube channel and TikTok account. She has over 95K subscribers on YouTube and over 14K followers on Instagram. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona USA and later living in Mexico since 2018 and making travel vlogs about her solo female travel life.

She used to be part of another YouTube channel called Tangerine Travels, where she traveled around Mexico with her ex-boyfriend Jordan.

What is the real name of Maddie Gold?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Maddie Gold’s real name is Maddie Nunley. She is the Founder & CEO at MaddieGold.

Maddie Gold’s Boyfriend:

Moddie Gold had a wonderful relationship with the owner of Tangerine Travels “Jordan” for more than 5 years. Moddie was also a business partner of Tangerine Travels & owned 50% of the share. Everything seemed going smoothly but on 24 August, 2021, they officially declared about break up news of their long-time relationship. Jordan bought her 50% share when she departed the channel as their relationship ended.

Maddie Gold Travel Vlogger's Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth
Maddie Gold Travel Vlogger’s Real Name, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth

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What was the main reason behind Maddie & Jordan sudden breakup?

On a video statement, Maddie & Jordan disclosed why they are going to breakup their long-time relationship. Jordan stated that, at one moment he wanted to have a family. He wants to have kids but Maddie wasn’t willing to have kids at that moment. She wanted to adopt a kid but wasn’t ready to give birth.

Is Maddie’s various Health Issues the reason for not wanting kids?

She started having several health issues when she is only 20 years old. Basically it was adrenal fatigue at first. Adrenal fatigue is a kind of disease that can control everything in your body including your mood, the quality of your sleep, your memory & recall and so on. It affects anxiety & it can cause depression and make you gain weight or loss weight. Later, she also found that she was dealing with severe mercury poisoning. The level she had in her body, could probably kill an elephant – Maddie Said.

Who is Maddie Gold’s New Boyfriend?

Maddie hasn’t disclosed anyone on her social media channels as her new boyfriend or husband. She focuses on his passion and strives to entertain others with her videos. So, since there is no such information or picture of Maddie with her new boyfriend, it can be stated that Maddie Gold is single.

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What is MaddieGold’s net worth?

MaddieGold is an American YouTube channel with over 96.60K subscribers. It started 2 years ago and has 53 uploaded videos.

The net worth of MaddieGold’s channel through 20 Jan 2024 is $37,682

Maddie Gold’s Age :

In 2021, one of her videos Maddie said that she was 29 at that time. So, in 2024, she is now 32 years old women.

Maddie Gold’s Education:

Maddie is an entrepreneurial-minded person, who always want to achieve big things in her life. She completed her graduation from Arizona State University and played a Content Strategist role for about 3 years before boldly selling everything she owned to live and travel in Mexico. During the next 6 years, she became fluent in Spanish, and got a Masters in “life school.

She said that, “Even if I may be lacking some expertise or unsure of the outcome, that doesn’t stop me from figuring out how to succeed.”

Some of her most popular videos are:

  1. Day in My Life in Ajijic, Mexico:

In this Mexico vlog, she showed what her daily life looks like, including a dentist appointment, taking the bus, grocery shopping, what she typically cook at home, going to the gym, and getting a haircut. For those interested in the cost of living in Mexico, can watch this video.

In this vlog she represents the followings things:

– Multiple elaborate parades filled with music, candy-throwing, and townspeople dressed in traditional Oaxacan clothing

– A behind-the-scenes look at Oaxacan food is made

– Adorable animals like pollito, my adopted chickadee

– A look at the beautiful clothing worn in this region (huipiles and enaguas) and how women do their hair and makeup

– Crazy pyrotechnics called toritos and the castillo

– The 5-hour expedition for “forest flowers”

– One of my favorite parts called the “fruit-throwing parade” where the royal procession and others in town throw thousands of items into the street for the spectators

– And MORE!

These are some of the topics she covered:

– Demographics of the guys she dated in Mexico

– How she got to the dates

– Who paid for the dates

– How many times she was catfished

– Biggest culture shocks

– Being “exotic” as an American in Mexico

– Money issues while dating in Mexico

– The language barrier and how that affected her dating life

– The effort guys put into dating in Mexico

– Do men act like gentlemen in Mexico?

– Obsession with exes

– Toxic men and cheating culture

– How I was treated as a “Western woman”

– Does her not wanting to have children affect her dating life?

– The exclusivity talk and commitment in relationships

– Differences on dating apps in the US vs. Mexico

– Machismo culture

– Her conclusions about dating in Mexico

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