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  • December 16, 2020 11:00 am
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Zepto Kitchen Degreaser in BD – Clean Grease, Grime & Oil On Kitchen Surfaces

Benefits of using Zepto Kitchen Degreaser 500 ml:

    Clean through tough grease & grime.
    Helps fight tough odors.
    Removes 99.9% germs, bacteria & viruses.
    Removes 90% of allergens.
    Safe for use on surfaces where food is prepared, stored & eaten.
    Non bleach formulation, hence no fear of corrosion.
    Non-toxic ingredients to keep you and your family safe.
    Leaves no unwanted residue.

Where to use :

  Kitchen cabinets (wooden or plastic)
  Counter-tops (tile/marble/granite/painted)
  Stove tops (Any kinds of metal)
  Walls (tile/marble/granite/painted)
  Exhaust pipes, exhaust fans & chimney
  Kitchen sink
  Smoke hoods

How to use Zepto Kitchen Degreaser 500 ml :

  Turn  nozzle to on position.
  Simply spray directly on the surface and wait 30 seconds.
  Wipe with clean damp cloth and allow to dry.


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