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Play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game At Free Of Cost Online

Continue Cal’s Adventure Cal has developed into a strong Jedi Knight and is no longer a Padawan. The Dark Times are drawing near, and Cal must determine how far he is prepared to go in order to save those who are most important to him. He will be surrounded by foes both new and old.

Beyond Your Training – The cinematic battle system is back with new lightsaber fighting techniques and extra Force abilities. Utilize all of these skills and weaponry in a planned way to take on a larger group of enemies, assessing each one’s strengths and weaknesses and using your training deftly to outwit your foes and unravel the mysteries that stand in your way.

Discover New Planets and Familiar Frontiers in the Star Wars Galaxy – Each planet has its own biomes, difficulties, and threats. Learn new techniques, tools, and abilities that will improve your exploration, combat, and movement.

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