Tiktoker Jon Romano School Shooter's Bio, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Jon Romano School Shooter’s Bio, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Jon Romano’s Early Life:

Jon Romano is renowned as a school shooter boy who brought a shotgun to school in New York and shot a teacher in the leg. This gruesome incident happened when Jon was only 16. Although no one died due to his sudden attack, he was sentenced to 20 years for attempted murder.

After 20 years later, Jon has successfully built his fanbase on TikTok delivering his speech on better mental health services in the US and stricter gun control. He stated: “I can never undo what I have done, the pain and trauma that I have caused upon so many, but I am working towards preventing others from experiencing that same pain and suffering.”

Tiktoker Jon Romano School Shooter's Bio, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Why did Jon Romano start shooting?

Jon Romano confessed that he was sexually abused by his family & it resulted in mental depression. At one point he decided to kill himself with a shotgun. But he didn’t want to do it at home in front of his family. So he made a plan to bring a gun into his school ( Columbia High School ) to end his life. However, it didn’t work as per his plan since the assistant principal, John Shawchuck, wrested Romano to the ground. Therefore accidentally a teacher got injured in this gruesome incident.

Jon Romano School Shooter’s Bio, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Date of birth31 December 1987
Age36 years
Height6 feet 4 inches
Weight48 kg
Net worth$12 million
Marital statusNo
Born InNew York, USA

Jon Romano’s Age :

He was born on 31 December 1987 in New York, USA. His birthday is celebrated on 31 December. Jon Romano’s age is 36 years in 2023.

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Jon Romano’s Career & Net Worth:

After getting released from prison, he has started advocating for school safety and better mental health support for school children. Currently, he has become a renowned social influencer for the prevention of school shootings.

It is assumed that Jon makes money with his videos online for students & teenagers.

Jon Romano’s Relationship / Wife/ Girlfriend/ Family:

Although there are so many girls online who love him, Jon doesn’t disclose anyone as his girlfriend. According to so many sources and his online videos, Jon is single & possibly looking for someone who really wants to stay beside him.

However, there is no such information regarding Jon’s Family. But Jon Romano’s father left them alone when he was 16. And based on data available, his mother was there at the time of his release on 15 December 2020.

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