IGP American Gaming YouTuber's Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth

IGP American Gaming YouTuber’s Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth

IGP (Indie Game Promoter) is an American gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer who uploads videos of him playing a wide variety of indie games, especially horror ones. He has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 100K followers on Twitch. He is also known for his love of Cthulhu and his catchphrase “I am the man who regrets everything”.

How did IGP start his YouTube career?

According to his YouTube channel description, IGP started his YouTube career in 2013, when he was a police officer investigating financial fraud. He created the alias Mark Goldbridge to protect his identity and his job. He says that he loves playing indie games, especially horror ones, and that he wants to promote them to his audience. Now, he is one of the popular gaming YouTubers in the world.

What is the real name of IGP YouTuber?

IGP YouTuber always prefer to not disclose his name in the videos. He wants to make the name IGP renowned all over the world. However, we have analyzed so many authentic online resources to find his name & finally found Adrian as his real name from Twitch.

IGP YouTuber’s Real Face Reveal

IGP YouTuber didn’t disclose his face until 2016. His fans were so much curious to see his face since the creation of the channel. At last, on August 8, 2016, he published a video on YouTube with the title “Face Reveal OMG”, in where everyone was able to see this handsome guy for the first time.

IGP American Gaming YouTuber's Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth

IGP YouTuber’s Girlfriend/ Wife

Like his name, IGP YouTuber kept his girlfriend’s name secret from the world. He didn’t disclose the name of her girlfriend or introduce her on social media. However, our deep analysis has found a women’s lovely picture with IGP youtuber’s on Twitter. On 25 October, 2018, IGP youtuber posted a couple picture on his Twitter account with the caption “I mean, I’m not saying this is super cute or anything…but vomit if you must.” Since he didn’t disclose anything about the girl with him, out of curiosity one of her fans wanted to know the identity of the girl. In reply to the comment, IGP said, “That is my fiance”.

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IGP YouTuber’s Age & Nationality

IGP YouTuber Adrian is an American & his age is still unknown to his fans. He didn’t disclose any such information anywhere on social media. However, it is expected that his age is between 30 to 35.

IGP YouTube’s Net Worth

IGP is an American YouTube channel with over 2.68M subscribers. It started 10 years ago and has 1945 uploaded videos. According to Starstat, The net worth of IGP’s channel through 10 Jan 2024 is $4,948,235.

What are some of his most popular videos of IGP?

Some of his most popular videos are:

•  These Devs Took the “Ghost Hunting” Genre TO THE NEXT LEVEL: In this video, he plays a game called Phasmophobia, where he and his friends have to investigate and identify different types of ghosts using various tools and clues. This video has over 248K views and 19K likes.

•  This Horror Game ABSOLUTELY BROKE ME: In this video, he plays a game called The Convenience Store, where he works as a night shift cashier at a haunted store. This video has over 320K views and 14K likes.

•  The Monsters in This Game Are UNCOMFORTABLY Weird…: In this video, he plays a game called Scorn, where he explores a grotesque and organic world filled with bizarre creatures and puzzles. This video has over 347K views and 12K likes

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