How To Use Free Online Classified Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How To Use Free Online Classified Ads For Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world, but it’s not always easy to navigate. With this guide, you’ll learn how to use free Online classified ads to start making money from Amazon affiliate marketing.

How To Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing With Free Classified Ads

Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

Amazon has a program called the Amazon Associates Program which allows anyone to make a commission by linking to products on their site from their own site or blog. You can also promote products through sponsored ads on social media or email marketing campaigns.

Free Classified Advertising:

There are many websites that offer free classified ads for people looking for work, selling items, and more. These sites often have sections dedicated to specific industries like advertising and marketing so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. If you want to improve or increase your Amazon Affiliate sale, classified advertising will really help you make more money.

What to consider before posting your ad on a classified website

Posting an ad on a classified website is not as easy as it may seem. There are many things that you need to consider before posting your ad. It is important to know the type of classified website where you want to post your advertisement. Some classified websites are free and some charge a fee for every ad posted on their website. You also have to decide whether you want to pay for an advertisement or not. You should also know what type of audience will be visiting that particular classified website and whether your target audience can be reached through that site or not.

What to consider before posting your ad on a classified website

Most classified advertisements are posted on websites that charge a fee for every ad posted. The website may also require you to fill out a registration form before posting an ad. There are many websites that offer free advertising opportunities, but they limit the number of ads that you can post to prevent over-saturation of the website.

The following is a list of general tips and tricks that can help you make your classified advertisement more successful.-

  • Make sure that you are using the website’s name in the advertisement as opposed to calling it something generic like “classifieds” or “job posting.”
  • Post your ad on a website where your target audience is already being reached.
  • Before choosing any classified ads website, check the website’s DA & PA appropriately. It will help you improve your ranking.
  • Consider using a list of keywords and phrases in your ad that are likely to be searched for.
  • Add relevant & attractive pictures of your ad so that it grabs people’s attention.
  • Add a call to action button to help your customers make a purchase decision.
call to action button on classified ad
  • Always provide as much information as possible in your ad including your contact number, website URL, your shop address & so on.

On the internet, there are countless free classified ad sites, but not all of them are free. Therefore, I am going to share an updated list of free classified ads which will really increase your Amazon Affiliate Marketing within a few days.

Website NameDA

There is no doubt that the most popular way of selling affiliate products is by using classified ads. These are ads where you mention the product and its name, and then provide a link to the product. The link will either be to the website or to a landing page (a page that is specifically designed for that particular product). with more information on the product.Provide one or two sentences describing your experience with the product. For example, “I have been using this brush my whole life and I love it.” This is where you talk about how you came to purchase the product in the first place.Include a link to a landing page which has more information on that particular product.

Additional free methods to advertise your affiliate links using a Website of Your Own

It is one of the greatest free methods for using classified advertisements. Although it can seem difficult, all you need to do is use your website to share affiliate links with people while providing reviews, information, and content.

Use the How-To approach : Give customers your affiliate link for the lawnmower and explain how it can make their lives easier, for instance, after describing the best ways to cut grass.

Review : You can focus a whole post on one product using this technique. Like when a web hosting firm helped you launch your business and you get a commission when customers purchase hosting from them.

If you don’t have your own website, watch the video below to learn how to create a blog site for Affiliate Marketing:

The benefit of using affiliate links in a post or blog is that they are not used for direct connecting. With high quality content, you provide the user more for their money. Building a relationship with the reader through the blog’s promotion on social media or via your email list also benefits your company. Direct connecting affiliate marketers can never outshine having a firm that is a reliable brand and adds value to others.


For your affiliate marketing firm, using free classified ads is advantageous, especially at first. Prior to knowing the demographics of your target audience, establishing a foundation, and building an email list, try to spend as little money as you can. There are a ton of free ways to market your affiliate links, and the more proficient you become at making sales with no investment in marketing or advertising, the more successful you will be with paid channels.

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