How To Edit A Facebook Post After Boosting

How To Edit A Facebook Post After Boosting – 100% Working Trick

Editing a Facebook post after boosting can be crucial if you want to add new information based on your marketing goal.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide an option to edit your boosted posts after publication. So, being frustrated many advertisers are compelled to create a new post with the additional information. But don’t worry. In this article, we will disclose the secret of how to edit a Facebook post after boosting.

1. Login to your Ad Manager account:

Login to your Facebook ad manager account & navigate to that specific ad where you have selected a Facebook post that you now want to edit. In the Ad Creative option, click on the Change post button & select any other post. Now click on the publish ad button. Don’t be panic. It’s temporary & we will select the right post for Facebook promotion after finishing our Facebook post editing mission.

2. Edit your Facebook post:

Now let’s visit your Facebook page & hover the mouse on that particular post you want to edit. Click on the three-dot sign-on in the right corner of the post & be amazed. Now you can see your life saver Edit option. Click on it and get your job done.

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3. Change the post again from Facebook Ad:

It’s time to change your post again from Facebook Ad Manager & select the previous post for Facebook promotion. To do this, simply click on the change post option and select the previous post that you boosted. After that click on publish button.

Your job is done. Now keep calm & tell your client or boss nothing is impossible for to you accomplish. Enjoy your day. Have a good luck. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are also looking for this solution.

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