How To Do Product SEO On Facebook Marketplace To Increase Sales

How To Do Product SEO On Facebook Marketplace To Increase Sales

Nowadays, Facebook marketplace has become a popular platform for selling products online. But why are online marketers depending on the Facebook marketplace excessively instead of using Facebook pages? First of all, uploading products on the Facebook page doesn’t bring any sales until you boost products or make paid promotions. On the other hand, Facebook marketplace generates sales free of cost. That’s why more people are considering Facebook Marketplace as the best platform to sell online.

But publishing items or products on Facebook Marketplace won’t generate any sales if you don’t know how to do product SEO on Facebook marketplace in the right way. So let’s jump on the topic.

How To Do Product SEO On Facebook Marketplace

1. Market Research :

You won’t be able to make any sales until you do proper market research. Select the right niche products & search the particular product on the Facebook marketplace to see the competitiveness of the product. If you find the same or relevant items in your desired niche you are on the right track.

2. Keyword Research :

Doing keyword research is as important as doing it for a website to rank on the google search engines. But keyword research for the Facebook marketplace is slightly different from Google. In terms of Facebook Marketplace, you need to understand what buyers can search on Facebook to get a specific product. After understanding the buyer’s search intent, see what types of keywords your competitors have used to rank a specific item on Facebook Marketplace. For example, to rank bracelet items on Facebook marketplace, I can choose the main keyword “Bracelet for women”.

3. Use SEO Friendly Title & Description :

To increase sales on Facebook Marketplace, your product title should be lucrative & SEO-friendly. Place your main keyword wisely both in the Product title & product description so that Facebook algorithm can easily find your product whenever anyone searches for it. For example, for the main keyword “Bracelet for women” the product title should be: “BTS lovers purple color bracelet for women – Best price in the USA” Here, I have specified the target audience, product feature & country. This technique will help you easily rank your products on Facebook Marketplace. Paste the same title on the product description section before writing additional product features.

4. Add resized & non-copyrighted photos:

It is always advisable to add at least 5 photos from different angles to help customers understand how your product looks. But the product must be resized & non-copyrighted to prevent any policy breach issues from Facebook. However, according to, the recommended photo size for Facebook marketplace should be 1200*1200 pixels.

How To Do Product SEO On Facebook Marketplace

5. Use Tags:

The most important part of Facebook Marketplace product SEO is using the right tags. Here you will be allowed to add not more than 20 tags. Therefore, use the tags that your buyer may search to find the product. Keep your title short & meaningful.

6. Share your listing on Facebook groups:

When you have completed all the tasks, it’s time for free promotion. Share your Facebook Marketplace product listing up to 20 buy & sell related groups. This will help you to get more visitors & buyers for your products.

How did these techniques help me to increase sales within a month

I have used this simple technique to increase sales on Facebook marketplace & it has worked for me. So without any doubt, you can rely on this strategy and apply it to your products.

Great! Now you know exactly how to do product SEO on Facebook marketplace to increase online sales. It’s time to start your work on Facebook Marketplace & apply your expertise to show your competitors magic. However, if you have any queries or issues regarding this topic, please let me know in the comment section below. Thank you!

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