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Making your dream house but thinking about the tiles price in Bangladesh?Well, the amount of expense will directly depend on the types and the number of tiles you require.

Such as, the number of tiles needed for a floor will be different from the wall and vice-versa. Plus, there are several other variables to consider that directly affect the pricing. 

Besides, it’s always a good idea to know how many tiles you need before going ahead with the project. This will help you to stay on the budget.

Don’t worry; the calculations are pretty easy, and with some measurements, you can find out the entire estimation of the quantity and the tiles cost you pick for your sweet home.

How to calculate tiles cost for my home?  - Sheba Binimoy

So, how to measure floor and wall dimensions?

How to calculate tiles cost for your home

Measuring the dimension precisely is one of the crucial steps in estimating the number of tiles you will need.

In fact, only the correct measurement will give you a precise estimation of the quantity required. That’s why to help you with the measurement, we have pointed out some simple and easy steps. They are the following: 

  • First, calculate the total measurement of the floor.
  • After then, measure the total number of tiles that will be required for a room (approximately). For this calculation, add the total floor area with the wall (take from the height where you want the tiles to be installed).
  • Find the tile’s square footage and then take the measurement of the room, wall, or ceiling area you want to cover using the tiles.

N.B: Walls are usually rectangular in shape and have windows or doors. So, make sure to consider this factor while calculating.

  • Now, for the last step, since you are done taking all the inputs, now it’s time to calculate the total area of the wall. Make sure to subtract the window/door area, included with the wall.

Let’s show you an example of how to calculate tiles cost for your home:


Length of the room = 22 feet

Breadth of the room = 16 feet

Height of the room = 12 feet

Calculating the Floor dimension = Length * Breadth

                           = 22 feet * 16 feet

                           = 352 square feet

Include wastage of 10%

Floor Dimension = 352 square feet * 1.1 square feet

                            = 387 square feet

Calculating the dimension of one wall, A = Length * Height 

                                                             = 22 feet * 12 feet 

                                                             = 264 square feet     

Now, for the window,

Length of the window = 4 feet

Height of the window = 3 feet

Dimensions of the window, B = 4 feet * 3 feet

                                           = 12 square feet


The actual wall needing the tiling will be = A – B

                                                                      = 264 square feet – 12 square feet 

                                                                      = 252 square feet.

The dimension of the wall will be (including 10% wastage) = 252 square feet * 1.1 

                                                                                              = 277.2 square feet

In this way, following the same method, calculate each of the walls. Then, simply add up the area of the wall to arrive at the grand total. 

How do you determine the total number of tiles needed for each room?

You can either use a tile calculator to calculate the number of tiles (use only round figures) or use the following steps:

  • Note down the measurements of each room. 
  • Divide the total area of the room by the total area of the tile. 

Number of tiles = Area of the room / Area of the tile

For instance, 120 tiles will be required to cover a space, measuring 120 square feet. So, if each tile was 1 square foot, you will have to purchase 12 boxes [Each tiles box consisting of 10 tiles]

N.B: Always consider a buffer. As while working, you may find several issues, like error margin, damages during shipment or installation, etc. That’s why the best practice is to count in these extra buffers while calculating the number of boxes required. Plus, having a little extra won’t cost you more, as it can always come in handy while replacing 2-3 tiles in the future.

Some tips to follow for selecting the right-sized tiles

Large tiles come with fewer number of the grout line, giving the impression that the room is more open to space.

Here is a list of a few points to keep in mind while picking the tiles for each area/location:

  • Optimize your design and patterns as much as possible to limit installation wastage.
  • Always choose larger-sized tiles for the living, dining, and bedrooms.
  • Smaller tiles work best for the kitchen and bathroom.

To Conclude 

Tiles are an extremely crucial point to consider while building our house. It enhances the beauty of our home to another level with its elegance.

For the cost, there is no specific estimation. Instead, it all depends on the place you live, the kind of materials and designs you pick, how many tiles you require to cover the space, and the list goes on. The price may range from hundreds to thousands of BDT per square foot.

Now, that you know how to calculate the tiles needed for each space, you can always find out an approximate amount using the above-mentioned steps.

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