How Do I Attract More People To My Livestream?

How Do I Attract More People To My Livestream? – Sheba Binimoy

Live streaming is becoming popular but still, there are a lot of organizers and people who don’t know how to attract an audience to make their live stream successful. There are various options available to attract viewers for your live-streaming session. Promotions play a major role in attracting viewers for your live stream. The earlier you inform people about going live, the more time they will have to spread the word to their network, potentially increasing the number of viewers. 

Do you struggle to get more viewers, if the answer is yes then continue reading and you will get some amazing tips that will help you attract more viewers? 

How Do I Attract More People To My Livestream? - Sheba Binimoy

Tips To Attract More People To My Livestream

1. Promotion Is Everything 

Promotions are the first and most crucial step in attracting viewers for a live stream. If you want to attract more viewers you have to promote every update of your live stream on every possible platform. After announcing the date and time of your live streaming session promoting it on different platforms can be a game changer for you. The more you promote your life on different platforms the more viewers you can attract. 

Here are a few ways that you can use to promote your live session

  • Email

Emails are always there for the rescue. The best part about promoting using Email is that you already have a list of people with you all you have to do is create an attractive Email or a newsletter with all the necessary details and send it to all your contacts. But make sure that you are not spamming your audience with Email. Send one mail with the details and another as a reminder just before your live session. 

  • Social Media Channels 

There are various social media platforms available and they can be best for promoting your live event. You can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. to post graphics, videos, and teasers of your live stream. You can also host a small and interactive Facebook live-streaming or Instagram live-streaming session. You can also create a countdown for your live stream. Social media has a wide range of options for promotions you can explore and make use of them according to your preferences. 

  • Guest/Blog Post 

Blog posts or guest posts are other tools for promoting your live stream online. 

You can turn readers into live watchers with optimized content; just be sure to provide all the necessary information about your future live video to entice your audience to tune in.

How Do I Attract More People To My Livestream?

2. Schedule It In Advance 

Schedule your live-streaming session. You need to decide a date and a time for your live-streaming session. There will be a few different points that you will have to consider before deciding any date and time for your live stream. 

For instance, if your live stream is for a global audience you will have to choose a suitable time for all your audience according to different time zones and you will have to choose a day on which most of your audience can join you can’t host a live streaming session on Monday morning. 

After deciding on all these factors, announce your live-streaming session to your audience. Every time you are talking or promoting your live stream don’t forget to mention the schedule of your live streaming session. 

3. Make Attractive Graphics 

Graphics plays a major role in attracting your audience. For promoting your event you can create some graphics and banners for your social media platforms too. Create dedicated graphics for your social media platform’s homepage and circulation in newsletters and emailers. Make sure you are adding all the necessary information in the graphics without making them look too busy or tacky. 

You can also create countdown graphics to post on social media stories and walls. 

you may either run a countdown or place a simple banner with your live video schedule.

4. Set Up An Event On Social Walls 

Another strategy that might be successful when thinking about how to increase live stream viewership is creating an event on social media. Mention the topic, date, and time of your live stream while inviting your followers.

On Facebook, anyone who RSVPs for the event will receive updates about it, increasing the likelihood that more people will tune in when you go live. You can add a countdown to the Instagram story. Social media offers various features that will help you remind your audience of your event. 

5. Send Regular Updates 

Don’t forget to send regular and necessary updates to your audience but at the same time make sure you are not spamming them. There are various live streaming services available that will help you send automated updates to your audience by email or you can also use WhatsApp automation for sending regular updates to your audience. You can send the update regarding the date, time, topic, or speaker of the live-streaming session. 

6. Interact With People 

Without a doubt interaction is a crucial thing, you have to interact with your audience to keep them engaged before you start live streaming you will have to promote it on different social media platforms. And during the promotion and marketing process of your live streaming session, you will get various opportunities to interact with your audience or potential viewers. You can add polls on different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can also host question-and-answer sessions for your audience. Social media live streaming and video conferencing are best for answering questions of your audience can be a great way of engaging with your audience. Make your audience excited about your live stream. 

7. Write an Informative Description

The description is important for any live stream. Most people while they go live on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube try to create an attractive title but take the description for granted. For event live streaming it is crucial to write an informative description. Your description for the live stream should be short and crisp but it should also be informative. If you want to attract more viewers don’t just write catchy titles but also focus on writing interesting descriptions. Don’t forget to describe the benefit you will provide viewers of your live stream.

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to live streaming it can be very beneficial for raising awareness about your brand and connecting with your audience. More significantly, it facilitates communication with and relationship-building with your audience. It takes some effort to increase live stream viewership, but if you use these suggestions, your audience will quickly increase. 

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