Popular Facebook Groups For Honest Food Reviews in the USA

Finding honest reviews and recommendations for getting the best food experience has never been easier. There are so many online fake food reviews that encourage you to order food from the worst-rated restaurants which may cause serious health issues such as diarrhea or abdomen pain. Therefore, we have come up with the best & popular Facebook Food Review Groups where food enthusiasts share their culinary adventures.

Finding the Right Facebook Group For Food Reviews:

There are so many Facebook food review groups in the USA but not all of these are helpful. Most of the food review groups aren’t monitored properly by the group admin as a result those food review groups are covered with so many spammy posts. Therefore, we have deeply analyzed the best & active food review groups in the USA which will help you to find the country’s best food at the best price.

Popular Facebook Groups For Honest Food Reviews in the USA

5 Most Popular Facebook Groups For Honest Food Reviews in the USA

1. USA food for Soul :

USA Food for Soul is a well-known Facebook group for food reviews in the USA dedicated to helping food lovers to get honest food reviews in the USA. This group is very popular among food lovers for honest food reviews from different customers and for sharing various recipes or cooking experiences. USA Food for Soul group has over 70 thousand members and it is growing every day.

2. USA Food Club :

USA Food Club is the most famous Facebook group in the USA where food enthusiasts share honest opinions on their dining experience across the United States. Besides, this group encourages members to share their detailed dining experience with proof so that it helps other members to take decisions. As a growing food review group in the USA, this group has nearly 7 thousand group members.

3. Food Lovers :

If you are a crazy food lover in the USA, you must join this group. With 82 thousand active members, this food review group has become the best platform to choose the right restaurants to order food online. Group admins & members are really helpful in terms of providing the information about best restaurants or takeaways for food in the USA, food prices, food quality, customer service & so on.

4. Dine And Share :

If you love to visit different restaurants on weekends this Facebook food review group will assist you to choose the best restaurants for dining. Members of this group love to share their complete food journey so that other members can visit those restaurants and enjoy quality food. The current member of this group is over 140 thousand and this group is considered one of the largest food review groups in the USA.

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5. Restaurants Reviews ;

Are you planning to dine today in a restaurant but are confused about which one will be the best? Don’t worry! Restaurants Reviews group is the best Facebook food review group where everyone shares their dining experience & provides suggestions on where to eat or what to eat. Currently, this group has 18.7K members.


1. Can I trust the reviews in Facebook food review groups?

Yes, of course, you can trust the reviews in Facebook food review groups. Because admins of this group verify the authenticity of each post before publishing.

2. How can I contribute to the growth and success of a food review group?

You can invite your friends and family members to join these food review groups to share their dining experiences with others.

3. Can I join multiple food review groups at once?

Yes, you can join multiple groups but don’t try to join at a single time. You may face account restriction issues on your Facebook account,

4. Are there any age restrictions to participate in these groups?

Different groups have different rules. In order to join some food review groups, you may check some age-related options and answer questions. If the admin thinks that you are the right person for this group, they will approve your request to join.

Conclusion :

It’s time to join your favorite Facebook food review groups in the USA to share your dining experience with others. Be honest while publishing your reviews so that it helps food lovers to visit the best restaurants or order the best food from online.

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