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While ChartLogic EHR is a great product for most doctors, it is not perfect. Its customer support is lacking and is difficult to contact when big issues arise. It also has a poor training protocol for new system changes. Nevertheless, it does offer flexibility and relative simplicity. Its tech support is also very good.

ChartLogic EHR

The ChartLogic EMR suite comes with many features and benefits, including revenue cycle management, electronic medical records, practice management, and a patient portal. It also offers a number of modules to physicians, such as customizable tools, dictation, and voice input. These features help physicians to keep track of patient information on a single screen. The software also comes with support services such as data conversion and Meaningful Use consultation, as well as additional training.

ChartLogic EHR Review - The Final Showdown - Sheba Binimoy

ChartLogic software is an easy-to-use and intuitive system for capturing and organizing clinical encounters. Its unique voice input technology and seamless integration with the EHR allows users to multitask while capturing clinical data electronically. With this software, clinicians can capture data without interrupting workflow and can customize the interface to meet their own needs.

Telemedicine Software

The ChartLogic EHR is a complete ambulatory electronic health record system. It integrates with practice management software and is customizable to fit your practice’s needs. ChartLogic also offers revenue cycle management services and 24/7 support. This software provides a seamless experience for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

ChartLogic EHR is available for small, medium, and large health establishments. It offers a wide range of clinical features, including remote monitoring and patient tracking. This software is designed to be user-friendly and maintain regulatory compliance. Its software provides an online interface that allows clinicians to communicate with patients and collaborate with other providers. Moreover, it provides comprehensive employee management services.

ChartLogic EHR Telemedicine Software has the latest features and is highly customizable. It has an automatic e-eligibility tool that runs eligibility checks on patients and displays complete information regarding insurance deductibles and co-pays. It also helps identify claims errors before they are submitted to the insurance companies. Moreover, it has an appointment scheduler. It also allows administrators to control traffic and patients.

ChartLogic EHR Review – The Final Showdown


ChartLogic EMR pricing is very competitive, but you should keep in mind that it is not a free trial version of software. Instead, it is priced based on a monthly subscription rate. If you want to test out the software, you can submit a demo request form and a sales representative will contact you. In addition, you can upgrade to a higher plan if you need more storage space. This software is highly regarded among practitioners, and has a lot of advantages.

The cost of ChartLogic EHR pricing is on the lower end of the electronic medical record pricing spectrum, making it ideal for smaller practices. However, there are some minor drawbacks. The system can malfunction after certain updates are applied. However, despite its shortcomings, this software is one of the most affordable EHR platforms available. The best part is that it doesn’t require training or deployment costs, which can save you a lot of money. It also provides a full healthcare IT platform, which is an important feature for small clinics.

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The chartLogic EHR is a cloud-based EHR for physicians. It uses voice technology to capture patient encounters. Its PrecisionVoice software recognizes doctors’ speech and ensures fluent navigation throughout the chart. It also includes specialty-specific vocabulary and customizable templates for faster patient record creation.

ChartLogic EHR offers seamless integration with practice management and medical billing systems. Its integrated EHR system streamlines clinical processes and eliminates unnecessary paper-based processes. Its voice dictation feature eliminates the need for manual data input and allows doctors to finish patient records even on the go. It also streamlines patient applications, with customizable templates and predesigned forms.

However, ChartLogic has a few flaws. The customer service is mediocre. Its customers are often months behind when system updates are live. The company also has a poor internal messaging process. There are also a few bugs.

Last Words

ChartLogic is an EHR for orthopedists and ENT doctors. Its main strengths include simplicity, flexibility, and excellent tech support. But it also has drawbacks. ChartLogic EHR isn’t perfect, so we’ll have to consider our own experience before giving it a glowing review.

ChartLogic has been a leader in the electronic health records industry since 1994. Its hybrid EHR solution gives practices an affordable, baseline EHR while enabling a smooth migration to an advanced EHR. Recent studies have shown that EHR adoption rates are low, and many physicians opt to continue to use inefficient paper processes. Some of the reasons include time and cost.

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