Top 5 Best Animal Rescue & Care Shelters For Urgent Needs in the USA

Best Animal Rescue & Care Shelters For Urgent Needs in the USA

Are you looking for the best animal rescue & Care Shelters in the USA? Don’t worry! You are in the right place to find the best animal rescue sites for your urgent needs. There are lots of abandoned or stray cats, dogs, or birds which got stuck in a situation where it is difficult to access for us. Sometimes, they get seriously injured while crossing the road, falling from the apartment, or other animal cruelty cases. Therefore, to help these abandoned animals, rescue & care shelters play a major role in providing shelter, care & rehabilitation. They are the real Superman in saving animal lives in any situation.

Factors to consider when choosing animal rescue & care shelters in the USA

There are top 4 factors that you may consider while choosing the best animal rescue sites in the USA.

  • Location and accessibility: Before making an emergency call to any animal rescue site, you should consider the location. If they are located near you, you should contact them and ask for help to rescue animals.
  • Facility and living conditions: Rescuing an animal can save a life but ensuring good facilities and living conditions help animals to live longer. Therefore, you may first visit their place to consider whether it can be a suitable home for rescued animals.
  • Veterinary care and medical facilities: Vaccinations, parasite control, spaying, and grooming are all crucial medical facilities that a cat or dog needs to lead a healthy life. Avoiding this factor while choosing the best animal rescue team will suffer your animal a lot.
  • Financial Transparency: Some of the animal rescue sites are donation oriented so they charge very little and some of them provide free service. However, there are lots of animal rescue sites that charge a minimal amount monthly to take care of your animal. So you need to confirm how much they charge and whether there is any hidden charge that you need to pay.
Top 5 Best Animal Rescue & Care Shelters For Urgent Needs in the USA

Top 5 Best Animal Rescue & Care Shelters For Urgent Needs in the USA

1. Salem Animal Rescue League:

Salem Animal Rescue League ( SARL ) was formed in 1992 with a mission to save the lives of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and injured animals by providing them with proper care, shelter & a new permanent home. They rescue nearly 800 dogs & cats per year in order to create a secure world for the animals.

What people say about Salem Animal Rescue League

  • Alex says : Made the adoption process pain free and very simple, extremely helpful staff
  • Shelley Peters Says : Wonderful no kill animal shelter that takes great care of their animals! I have adopted two cats from SARL. The staff is amazing!

Location : 4 SARL Dr, Salem, NH 03079, United States

Website :

2. Animal Rescue of Fresno :

Established in 1998 by a group of community members in Fresno, CA, Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF) is dedicated itself to reducing cruelty to animals. Besides, they are engaged in rescue missions to save all living animals from any form of inhumane or critical condition.

What people say about Animal Rescue of Fresno

  • M Johnson says : Very caring, courteous and compassionate people. Dogs are well-tended to and the grounds are terrific.
  • james Bowron says : The staff there seemed really friendly although I was just there to donate some food

Location : 4545 E Dakota Ave, Fresno, CA 93726, United States

Website :

Best Animal Rescue & Care Shelters For Urgent Needs in the USA

3. Free To Live Animal Sanctuary :

Established in 1984 by a group of enthusiastic people, Free To Live Animal Sanctuary has a clear vision to save and positively impact as many animals as possible. Whether they are abused, neglected, or going through a serious medical case, their animal rescue team will take care with love & companionship. However, Free To Live Animal Sanctuary is completely a nonprofit organization and your donation will help them to contribute more in rescuing dogs & cats.

What people say about Free To Live Animal Sanctuary

  • Terri Says : They are great, and they don’t euthanize animals if you ever have any extra money or want to make a charitable donation this is the best place.
  • Makayla Schaaf says : this place helped me more than i can ever thank them for. please support them and their mission

Location : 9150 S Western Ave, Guthrie, OK 73044, United States

Website :

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4. Homeward Pet Adoption Center :

Homeward Pet Adoption Center is one of the leading non-profit,  no-kill animal shelters in Washington State, USA. Their mission is to transform the lives of cats & dogs into secure & healthier ones through proper medical treatment, providing healthy foods & positive behavior training. If you are willing to help Homeward Pet Adoption Center, the best way to help would be through donations.

What people say about Homeward Pet Adoption Center

  • Mariam Greb Says : Great non-profit, no-kill, animal rescue, shelter and adoption center. We brought our 2 kittens here for their Happy Neuter Year $5 Spay Day.
  • Jessica Hall Says : We had a great experience adopting here and highly recommend this place! We love our kitty so much!

Location : 13132 NE 177th Pl, Woodinville, WA 98072, United States

Website :

5. Northeast Animal Shelter:

Established in 1976 by Cindi Shapiro and her siblings, Northeast Animal Shelter is one of the biggest animal adoption centers in Salem, MA, USA. Later NEAS merged with the MSPCA-Angell, to rescue more animals with their robust shared initiatives. In 1994, NEAS had taken a great initiative through an animal relocation program, where they successfully relocated 125,000 cats and dogs to New England— where the demand for adoptable pets is high.

What people say about Northeast Animal Shelter

  • Anke Roost says : I got my Lotti (former Vanessa) from this shelter. They prepared her perfect for the adoption. Very friendly and uncomplicated.
  • Maria Bonfiglio says : Went to look at the kittens with a friend who wanted one. Staff was super friendly and helpful they let us play with the kittens even though it was busy. Loved it there

Location : 347 Highland Ave, Salem, MA 01970, United States

Website :

Conclusion :

Animal rescue centers aren’t growing up as per the number of neglected or stray dogs & cats. Their only way to survive is your cooperation with donations. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for them to give shelter to animals. So let’s contribute our best to save the lives of animals.

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