10 Secrets Things Of Brandon Carter That You Don't Know

10 Secrets Things Of Brandon Carter That You Don’t Know

Brandon Carter is a multi-talented person who has achieved success in various fields such as fitness, nutrition, music, business, and social media. He is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness model, best-selling author, online fitness celebrity, and CEO of his own supplements company. He has over 3 million fans on social media and his videos have been viewed well over 100 million times. He is also the founder of the High Ticket Trainer program, which helps personal trainers build their own online fitness business. He has helped over 1,000 personal trainers make a full-time income online.

Brandon was born in Chicago in 1982 and had a difficult childhood. He was involved in the drug trade and lost his father, brother, and sister to violence and illness. He decided to change his life and pursue his passion for fitness and music. He became a fitness trainer at the age of 18 and a signed rapper at the age of 22. However, his music career did not take off and he became homeless for a while. He then focused on his fitness career and became a successful fitness model and online coach. He also wrote several books on fitness and nutrition, such as The Simple Shredded Solution, Ultimate Cuts, and The Keto Hack. He also launched his own supplements company, Bro Laboratories, which offers products such as Rebellion Pre-Workout, Revolt BCAA, and Tea Rexx Fat Burner.

Brandon is known for his humorous and motivational style of coaching and content creation. He posts videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, where he shares his fitness tips, workouts, nutrition advice, and personal stories. He also hosts a podcast called The 85 South Show, where he talks about his pranks, jokes, and other topics. He is one of the most popular and influential fitness personalities in the world.

10 Secrets Things Of Brandon Carter That You Don't Know

10 Secrets Things Of Brandon Carter

What is the name of Brandon Carter’s Company?

The name of Brandon Carter’s company is Bro Laboratories. Bro Labs is a developer and retailer of fitness vitamins and supplements. It was founded by Brandon in 2013 in New York USA.

Why did Brandon Carter shut down Bro Laboratories company?

Brandon shut down his Bro Laboratories company in 2022 for not making enough profit from this business. On May 23, 2023, he shared a video online where he said the high labor cost, manufacturing & shipping cost is the actual reason behind shutting down this business. Closing this business caused so many customers frustrated as Bro Laboratories had 4.5-star Trustpilot reviews. It also became a cause of unemployment.

Who is Brandon Carter’s Girlfriend/Wife?

Although Brandon has so many pictures with random girls online, none of them is his girlfriend. From different authentic sources, it has been confirmed that Brandon Carter is not dating anyone. However, according to CelebsCouples, Brandon Carter had at least 1 relationship previously.

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Does Brandon Carter have kids?

On 12 August 2021, Brandon shared a post on his Facebook Page in which he wrote; My Son turned four years old today. With this caption, he also attached a picture of his son. So from this source, it is clear that Brandon Carter has a kid.

Source link : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=375729377255861&id=100044564043828&set=a.291037532391713

A short bio of Brandon Carter

Full NameBrandon Carter
Brandon Carter’s Age40
Brandon Carter’s Birth dateSeptember 15, 1983
Birth PlaceChicago
ProfessionInstagram Star, Personal Trainer
Net Worth$100,000 – $1M
Martial StatusSingle
Height6′ 6″
WeightN/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair ColorN/A
Eye ColorN/A
Brandon Carter’s InstagramLink
Brandon Carter’s TikTok  Link  
Brandon Carter’s YouTubeLink

Brandon Carter’s Popular Books to Read

Brandon has written several books on fitness and nutrition, such as The Simple Shredded Solution, Ultimate Cuts, and The Keto Hack. These books are designed to help people achieve their fitness goals faster and easier by following his proven methods and strategies. He also shares his personal stories and experiences in these books, which are both inspirational and motivational. Some of his books are available for free on his website, while others can be purchased on Amazon or other platforms.

Some of the books that Brandon has recommended or mentioned in his videos or blogs are:

•  The Big Booty Blueprint: Your Guide To A Bigger Butt In Less Than 12 Weeks

•  ULTIMATE MASS: 7 Secrets To Build Muscle Fast As Hell

•  Ultimate Curves: Proven Secrets To Help You Build

•  Online Trainer Secrets

•  Allergic to Average

These books cover topics such as self-improvement, mindset, motivation, success, wealth, and more. They are some of the books that have influenced Brandon’s life and career, and he believes that they can help anyone who wants to achieve their dreams and goals.

Who is Brandon Carter’s Father?

Harold Burnell Carter is the dad of Brandon Carter – according to Google. His dad was the key person in his success of Brandon & taught him how to make millions by sharing some information. Which is :

  • The best salesman doesn’t try to convince to buy the products. They ask the prospect questions to get them or to convince themselves.

How did Brandon Carter’s Father die?

Brandon’s father committed suicide when Brandon’s age was only 24. He shot himself in the dead without sharing any reason with his family. His sudden death made Brandon and his family lonely and financially broken. Brandon said one of his Facebook statuses; my “internal world” had been completely devastated, and my entire foundation and philosophies on life had been questioned.

Who is Brandon Carter’s nephew?

On November 30, 2018, Brandon published a picture with his nephew on his Instagram profile. On that post, Brandon mentions his nephew’s Instagram id which is dallasgogetit

Brandon Carter’s Net Worth in 2023

According to idolnetworth.com, Brandon’s net worth till 2023 is around $1 Million, and he is known for his fitness-related content on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. He also posts unique training exercises, progress updates of his students and his own fitness journey, and advertising photos for fitness companies.

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