10 Must-Have Tools For Every DIYer & Homeowner in 2021-2022

It goes without saying tools have made our life way easier. There are several innovating tools available in the market which have truly reduced the dependency on carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, electricians & help you complete home improvement projects by yourself. On top of all, you can save your hard earned money from hiring professionals & can invest it on your other DIY projects.

But there is long-standing misconception that buying innovative DIY tools may get very expensive. While, this simply isn’t true, there is another problem of finding the right tools at the right price, specifically online. So we did some digging to make it easier for the DIYer & homeowners to find all the tools at an affordable and decent price.

Let’s see those tools that every homeowner or DIYer must have:

10 Must-Have Tools For Every DIYer & Homeowner

  1. Cordless Drill Machine: If you are planning to start your DIY project today, having a cordless drill machine is a kind of necessity. Whether you are working in your workshop, home, or courtyard, a cordless or battery-powered drill machine allows you to move anywhere without worrying about the nearest power plug. Apart from this, the lightweight & compact design of cordless drill machines reduces hand stress.
Price: $54.99 l  28,192 ratings l Amazon
John said, Surprisingly powerful. I used it to drill 3 inch deck screws into 2 inch cedar for 2 hours straight. While the unit will heat up over time, it cools down quickly. But more importantly, it is powerful enough to do that job well without any issues at all. I am totally satisfied with it. It is also more compact and lighter than the 18V Black & Decker I owned before. Yet outperforms that old 18V by a wide margin.

Update: It has now been a year and this drill still performs like it did right out of the box. The battery keeps a charge for a long time too.


Power SourceBattery Powered
Voltage20 Volts
Speed750 RPM
Rating4.7 Star out of 5

2. Claw Hammer: For woodworking projects, hanging artworks or putting together furniture a claw hammer is the must-have tools for every DIYer. With just $10, you can do 2 different work with 1 tool: drive nails & remove nails.

Price: $10 l 3,278 ratings l Amazon
Patrick said “Got mine for $10 (16oz). I’ve been using it for over a year now and won’t be surprised if its still in my toolbox 10 years from now. Quality tool by IRWIN”


Item Weight1.54 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH12.75 x 5.75 x 1.13 inches
Rating4.8 Star out of 5
Price $10

3. Pliers: Whether you are cutting wires, nails, screws or gripping, turning and pulling something, a set of pliers will make your job done within a second. With just $18, you can get 8-inch slip joint plier, 8-inch long nose plier, 8-inch lineman/combination plier, and 7-inch diagonal plier.

Price : $18 l 1,325 ratings l Amazon
Sangamesh Hiremath said “Very neatly crafted from Amazon basics.
I have been using it for all minor repairs at home. Bike, washing machine, plumbing etc. They were already lubricated when they arrived so just need to maintain then as is. It’s been almost a year and they’re still intact. No loose joints or no corrosion or any other stuff like that.”


BrandAmazon Basics
Item Dimensions LxWxH8.85 x 2.76 x 3.45 inches
Item Weight2.38 Pounds
CertificationCertified frustration-free
Rating4.6 out of 5

4. Screwdriver: If you are a DIYer & doesn’t have screwdriver set in your possession, you are going to face challenges while working on different DIY projects. Every DIYer should have the set of screwdrivers including flat head, start head, philips head & pozidriv screwdriver. However, having screwdrivers in few different sizes will help you deal with a variety of screw heads.

Price: $22 l 3,831 ratings l Amazon

Jason Covfefe said, “craftsman are the best! You just can’t beat the quality & the price! Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. These are great tools and will be getting more.”


Model NameCMHT65075
MaterialAlloy Steel
Head StylePhillips
Rating4.8 Star out of 5

5. Putty knife or scrapers: Concerned of removing old paint from surfaces? Don’t worry! Use scrapers to remove old paints, wallpapers & tough stains of grease without scratching the surfaces. And you can get the best scraper only at $6.

Price : $6 l 2150 Rating l Amazon
David said, “Great little tool! Very strong (can take pressure), deflects just enough but returns to original position (not bent) , cleans up well.”


  • This product adds a great value
  • For light-duty construction or home projects
  • Large hang-hole size
  • Rating : 4.7 star out of 5
  • Price : $6

6. Utility Knife: There is no doubt that why utility knife is considered as one of most versatile tools in every DIY projects. Because an utility knife can be used to cut plastics, tape, cord, cardboard, wood, packaging materials & so on.

Price : $10 l 1,220 Ratings l Amazon

link said
, “Good to cut anything. Safe to use ,open and close.”


ColorOriginal version
Item Dimensions LxWxH7.87 x 9.25 x 4.72 inches
Handle MaterialAluminum
Blade MaterialMetal
Handle TypeFolding
Rating4.7 star out of 5

7. Adjustable Wrench: As you can understand with the name, adjustable wrench allows to work with different sizes of nuts & bolts. You can buy various sizes of wrenches but if you have space or budget constraints investing in adjustable wrench is a wise decision.

Price : $14 l 859 Rating l Amazon
Jefferson said, “Very good, very resistant and great ergonomics.”


Item Dimensions LxWxH11.1 x 4.17 x 0.81 inches
MaterialChrome Vanadium Steel
Head StyleBox End
Item Weight318 Grams
Rating4.7 star out of 5
Price $14

8. Safety Goggle: When you are a DIYer you need to protect your eyes from the most dangerious chemicals or particles in your workplace including dust, debris, pollen & wood. Keep a couple pairs around your work area, so that they can easily findable in need.

Price : $14 l 38,837 Rating l Amazon
Summer said, “Needed goggles that would go over glasses. My friend recommended these. I was skeptical. First use they did the job with no complaints. Fit perfectly over my glasses with no gaps. I sanded some foam and worbla. None of it got under the goggles. Extremely happy, especially for the price.”


ColorClear Lens
Frame MaterialRubber
Lens MaterialPolycarbonate
Rating4.5 star out of 5

9. Hand Saw: If you are involved in different DIY woodworking projects, a hand saw is the must have. It will help you cut pieces of wood into different shapes. However, when buying a hand saw, remember that bigger teeth will cut faster than the shorter teeth.

Price : $14 l 781 Ratings l Amazon
TheEponymousBAB said, “This saw is perfect for sawing. Once you set yourself up with the material you want to saw—just start sawing and before you know it, you don’t need to saw anymore. Five stars. Will use again, as the need arises.”


Blade Length20 Inches
Power SourceAc/dc
Number of Teeth6
Cutting Angle90 Degrees
Rating4.7 star out of 5

10. Tool Box: If you can’t find the right tools at the right time, completing your projects on time will be somewhat difficult. Having a tool box will allow you to organize all the must-have tools in one place. Apart from this, it will allow you to easily bring your tools wherever you go.

Price : $34 l 17,922 Rating l Amazon
Victor Rodríguez Said, “DeWalt never fails to please. and an earlier delivery. Thanks”


Item Dimensions LxWxH17.25 x 12.63 x 13.25 inches

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