10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers - Sheba Binimoy

10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers
Hair styling is so common these days, and it’s not long before you notice that too many of your hair grooming and styling products are jostling for space! Hair straighteners, sprays, gels, combs and brushes all can be pretty bulky items and demand quite some space. The idea is to choose a smart way to keep these items organized while applying visual appeal. We have chosen 10 hair tool organizers based on budget, convenience, functionality and aesthetics.Jack Cube Design Hair Dryer and Holder

10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers - Sheba Binimoy
10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers – Sheba Binimoy

10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers

1. Jack Cube Design Hair Dryer and Holder

A sleek hair tool organizer, this one is perfect for the maximalist’s choice. It has multiple compartments and can pack in a lot of products. Use the slots for your hair stylers, brushes and straightening rods and the cubby for bottles and miscellaneous stuff. It has metal liners in the slots so that you can safely keep the warm hair styling gadget. The cords are also kept out of sight for a neat look.

2. mDesign Over Door Bathroom Hair Care & Styling Tool Organizer

Short on storage space and need to free up the counter? Then go for this smart organizer for hair styling tools. You can hang this organizer over the door, cabinet, or bathroom bar. It hangs at eye level, and the metal basket is suitable for storing hot styling tools.

3. Saloniture Tabletop Blow Dryer & Hair Iron Holder

This packs in functionality with a style statement. This is an all-in-one holder for a hair brush, dryer, blower and straightener. Additionally, it has 3 power sockets on its stem that helps you to plug in quickly without fussing around with the cords. It makes your job easy and is a compact storage and organizer for over-the-counter. It stores the wires and cords without damaging them. And to top it all, the sleek design adds an aesthetic appeal.

4. Yamazaki Hair Dryer & Hot Iron Holder

A true space saver and compact storage option for your hair styling accessories. It can be set against your cabinet door or a hanging bar. It has enough space to store your tools, yet it is inconspicuous while holding the bulky tools. Minimalist, sleek and useful.

10 Best Hair Tool Organizers for Brushes and Dryers

5. Spectrum Diversified Contour Dryer & Beauty Accessory Hair Care Caddy

This one is a budget buy with ample space with multiple-sized compartments for hair styling accessories. You’re going to love this if you are into acrylic storage options like a clear stackable bin or a clear storage tray. It creates enough storage space while taking up minimum counter area due to its compact design.  

6. Saloniture Tabletop Hair Iron & Blow Dryer Holder

A travel-friendly hair iron and dryer station, and that too with its own power outlets! This hair tool organizer can hold 6 tools in place. The compartments are of varying sizes. You can place it on the table, counter or dresser top. Since it’s portable, it’s a really handy product. You can take it along with you on vacations and not worry about power slots since the organizer has three of them. Keep your hot stylers and rods back in their places without burning your furniture or damaging other surfaces. A really good buy for your hair styling accessories.

7. Polder Style Station

The hallmark of this storage and organizer is its heat-resistant mesh that helps in the rapid cooling of the heated curlers and styling rods. The mesh guards against accidental touch and consequent burn injury. It features 3 spacious slots for storing your blower, straightener and brush. You can keep it as a countertop stand or hang it on a bar or hook according to your convenience. Its compact design takes up very little space.

8. Umbra Capelli Countertop Organizer

Looking for acrylic+chic+unique design+assorted storage? You’ve got all of them covered in this organizer by Umbra Capelli. The tubular storage slots designed in a see-through container attract your attention at first glance. There are multiple slots in different sizes to hold your bulkiest blowers to your tweezers and swabs. It looks stylish and is quite an attraction when it’s all decked up and placed on your dresser.

9. Rebrilliant Countertop Hair Tool Holder

This hair tool holder serves as a vanity décor while storing your tools. It has curved docks with an ornamental design for holding your hair dressing tools and a bottom basket for cords and other smaller items like bobby pins, clips, hair ties, cotton swabs, etc. If you want something that’s totally up on the score of the aesthetic quotient, then go for this ornate looking hair tools holder.

10. Command Hair Dryer Holder

Not much of a frills person when it comes to hair styling products? At the most, you probably own a modest hair dryer. Then this hair dryer holder is something you’ll absolutely fall in love with! Install this hair dryer holder without damaging the wall and using the strong adhesive on the back of the holder. It holds well against wet and humid conditions, so it’s perfect for use on the bathroom wall. You can stick it on glass, fiberglass, metal, wood, tiles and painted surfaces. This makes this drier holder quite versatile and can be used anywhere in the house. So if you want a designated spot for your hair dryer, this one is a perfect pick. You can also check out the home edit stackable bin that’s specially designed to hold hair tools.

There you go with the complete guide to the best hair tool organizer. Choose one that fits your needs, choice and budget. We have laid out all kinds of choices for you.

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